About Vezahra | Removals & Storage

Vezahra | Removals & Storage is a removal company from Surrey. The company was first registered as Nomad Removals Limited on 13/03/2018. Our registration number is 11252173. The company’s name was changed to Vezahra Ltd on 20/05.2019. Our current address is 120 High Street, Bletchingley, Redhill, RH1 4PA.

The company’s director Hafiz Yasir Ayyub has 4 years’ experience in organising removals. The team is also experienced and professional. Our work is well organised. We always try to deliver great quality services and work with good timing. Vezahra also offers affordable pricing and our services are always customised according to our client’s needs and preferences.

Our main focus is to prepare a smooth house or business relocation. To achieve this, we are ready to carry out all necessary tasks for you. We can help you with:

Our team can help you with transporting your goods, equipment or people.

The main area of our service is Greater London and counties around it. From this main area we can move you to any place in the UK or to any EU country.

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Vezahra’s Mission

Our Mission is to deliver outstanding transportation services to all our clients!

Regardless of whether it is a Home Removals, Business Relocation or Event Support, a big or small job, we want to satisfy all our clients. We want to offer outstanding quality, good timing, affordable pricing and flexibility in our approach. This is the Mission of Vezahra – the client satisfaction is our priority!

Vezahra’s Vision

Our vision is to grow bigger, extend our offer, improve the quality of services and to become an environmentally-friendly removal company.

To grow bigger, we mean to create more locations of our company. This would allow us to offer services in other UK areas as well. We would also be able to serve the community with offering more employment opportunities.

The other goal is to extend our offer. This means we want to make it more comprehensive. More complex regarding transportation services for people and removal services. We would like to fully meet our clients’ needs and preferences.

Improving the quality of our services is also our goal. We want to keep implementing better ways of working and better technological solutions.

The last, but also essential in our vision, is being an environmentally-friendly removal company. We care about our environment. We also know how important it is to reduce the waste of any kind. Some environmental-friendly solutions we have already applied to our work. However, we would like to do much more, including buying electrical vehicles.

These four elements are fully important in the future vision of Vezahra.

Vezahra’s Values

Vezahra especially value: satisfaction of our clients, quality of services, accountability, supportive teamwork, self-improvement, flexibility in our offer, and environmentally-friendly solutions.

Satisfaction of our clients is the most important value for us. We want our clients to feel that they have chosen the right company. The company which has fulfilled well all their expectations. All other values are the ways, that lead to this one. The most important one!

Supportive teamwork is beneficial equally for the members of our team and for our clients. Together we can achieve more, with better timing and stress-free. Supportive team-work also brings positive atmosphere to the workplace. With this kind of teamwork we can create better quality services.

Self-improvement is also a value that can lead to a better client satisfaction. We want to modernise our services, equipment, technology. We also want to learn how to offer better quality services. So, learning is a great part of our self-improvement approach.

Flexibility in offer is our next value. It means that we want to customise our offer as much as possible. The aim for this is to meet the preferences, expectations and needs of our clients. This value is also crucial for improving client satisfaction.

The last value is environmentally-friendly solutions. We think that also as a company we should take responsibility for our environment. Our aim is to make it healthier and more beautiful. This is the reason why we want to reduce our waste; recycle and reuse what’s possible. We also want to implement some other environmentally-friendly solutions. There is a lot that we can do in this field, even as a removal company.

More about Vezahra

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