Pet-friendly Property – Moving with a dog

moving with a dog


Finding a Pet-Friendly Property to rent is quite a difficult and stressful task. Especially if you have a big dog or you have more than one. It seems almost impossible. I know this from personal experience as I am the owner of 2 lovely dogs.

Most landlords add “no pets” in their property description, but you can also find sometimes “pets considered” or “pets allowed”. This is your chance; this is what you will be looking for. It means that your dog may be accepted, but it still it doesn’t mean that it will be. Remember Landlords who are ready to consider pets, are going to have offers from tenants without them as well. They may see them as a better option. However, don’t lose your hope. There are things that you can do to increase your chances to get your dreamed pet-friendly property.


  • Prepare a short CV for your dog, with all important information like: age, breed, personality and habits and photo, of course.  
  • Get references for your dog
  • Be ready to answer some questions, like: for how long your dog will be left alone during the day, where you are planning to leave your dog. Landlord can also ask about health of your dog, how clean and well behaved your dog is.
  • Be ready to offer bigger deposit because of your dog
  • Be ready to offer a professional house cleaning before you move out.
  • You can also offer to restrict somehow the pet area, to have a dog walker/sitter or to organise a garden shelter for a dog when you are out for longer.
  • Be flexible, ask Landlord what else you can do to get the property.

From experience I also know that it’s better to search for a ground floor flat with a garden and without carpets. Search in the area where you have a park nearby to walk your dog there.  It will make easier to manage the dog.


To understand Landlords and to be prepared to answer their questions read about their point of view in here. This article shows advantages and disadvantages of letting with pets, pet clauses in tenancy agreements, etc. Definitely check also Lets with Pets. This is a Dogs Trust’s website, it contains information for Tenants, Landlords and Letting Agencies. It’s really worth to read it to know what you can expect on your way to get a pet-friendly property. Getting this information will help you during your meetings with possible Landlords.


Now you are ready to start searching.  Remember the sooner you start the better, as it’s not going to be easy. Give yourself plenty of time, especially if your moving date is set.

On many websites you can find offers for pet owners. You just need to know how to search. Wherever you are searching find a filter button with option: pet-friendly, pets allowed, pets accepted, pets considered or something similar.  If you cannot find it easily check in Advanced Options or find a place where you can write it down to narrow your search.


We have found 2 websites which specialise in offering pet-friendly accommodation: FizzyLiving and MakeUrMove.

But there is much more where you can tick pet-friendly or similar option or where will be a place to write it down. Some websites may require you to log in or download the app to have full access to these search options. Here we are presenting some of these pages with links:


We have also found some letting agencies, which are members of Lets with Pets Scheme and other which also offer pet-friendly option. Here are some of them with links:

To get better results check also your local letting agencies and websites. Don’t give up. You will find your pet-friendly home.


When all searching is done and finally you have found your new accommodation, remember to include in your contract a clause about your pet. Make sure that other related topics like damage and cleaning at the end of tenancy period, are there. Anything that you have decided with your Landlord or Agency, in the relation to your pet, must be in the contract. After that you can start packing and searching for a removal company. With your removal task Vezahra | Removals & Storage is happy to help you! Read about our Home Removal Services and call us to get a free of charge quotation!

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