Loading & Moving are essential parts of removal process. Our team members have mastered their loading and driving skills. We know how to pack your belongings securely and we are very safe drivers.


Planning is crucial. Please give us all relevant information during the Removal Survey. We need to know exactly how big your removal job is to book an appropriately sized vehicle. We may even consider using more than one, if it’s necessary.  We also need to know if there is sufficient space outside your home or business. This is important for parking and loading.

Equipment check:

Making sure we have the right equipment for the work at hand is a must. We need to take all necessary trolleys, dolly trucks, lifting slings to easily move your items. As well as the correct equipment, we will make sure that we have the right amount of manpower.  To make your move smooth and fast we may need not only a driver. We may organise also some helpers to load and secure your items.

Loading & Moving:

We will not just chuck your boxes into the van and cram everything else on top. We will plan the position of each item like a jigsaw. Heavier pieces, such as wardrobes and sofas, we will place against the front internal wall of the van.  There we can make them properly secured with ropes or straps. Our team will also place larger and sturdier items on the bottom layer and more fragile things on top. We will use smaller bits and rugs to plug holes and fill gaps. Blankets and sheets are very useful for protecting furniture. Long glass materials like mirrors will fit nicely between mattresses and cushions. Finally. We will make sure that everything is properly secured before driving off!