The removal survey is the first stage of every relocation. Whenever you are planning a Home Removal, Business Relocation or Support for Events with transportation, we have to start with this survey.

The Removal Survey is a process of assessing client’s removal needs prior to offering a quotation. We usually send our representative to a client’s property to make this assessment. The person who comes to you needs to see all your items, you want to move. That person is also going to ask you some questions. All details connected to the removal, your preferences and wishes will be noted.

The survey usually takes about 1 hour, but it depends on the size of property you are moving. You can also prepare some information to go through it faster. First write down the date of your move and the address of the new property. Then go from one room to another to check what you would like to take with you to the new location. Make a note of these items, especially big furniture and equipment. Remember to check your garden, basement, garage or attic if you have them. Check also other not so often used places. Think about all additional tasks you would like us to do for you. It can be packing, dismantling or professional cleaning of the property you are moving from. Prepare also some questions. Remember that we cannot transport any potentially dangerous items, like gasoline or fireworks.

During the Removal Survey our representative will ask you all details connected to your move. You will also have to go around the property to view all items to move. Our representative is going to discuss with you the whole removal process. Remember to tell about all your expectations and needs. You can also ask for some advice for packing and organising your removal task.

The survey is important because it will let us prepare a good quotation for you. It will also help us to plan your move well.

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