Vezahra offers a full range of removal services, including Unloading & Reassembling. When we deliver you possessions to a new location, we can start the process of unloading. If it’s necessary we will use suitable lifting equipment, like during loading. We will also make sure that we have enough manpower for this task. Our team will do this work with all health and safety precautions. When everything is on the right place, we can also unpack and reassemble all furniture or equipment for you. It can save you some time and trouble.

When we finish, we will check whether we have unloaded everything and done all reassembling properly. We will also check if all your items are in a good condition like before. Please check everything with us. It’s important because we want to give you the best quality services. If you think that not everything is like it should be, please tell us.  We want to sort things out straight away. When we are sure that we have done everything well, we will offer you disposal of used packing materials.

Unloading & Reassembling is usually the last stage of our removal services. However, we can also offer you some additional help. If you booked during the survey, you can also get:

  • disposal of used packing materials and unwanted furniture,
  • professional cleaning of the property that you are leaving,
  • self-storage facilities.

We would like to offer you the most comprehensive removal service. Remember that we are very flexible with our offer. You can book all tasks that we offer or just some of them. If you need a help with something that is not included in the offer, please don’t hesitate to ask us. The sooner we know. the better. It will help us to customise our service and quotation for you. Tell us everything, we need to know during the Removal Survey.