Transportation for a movie production

transportation for a movie production

Vezahra has been recently supporting a movie production with transportation services . The movie title is ‘Taish’, which means ‘anger’. It’s an Indian movie. So far, we were helping with our transportation services mostly in Birmingham and Hertfordshire. But the movie is still not finished, so we may move also to other locations.

Our main task is to transport some movie equipment, which may include: grip and sound equipment, lights and cameras, costumes or other movie props. This specialised equipment we have to secure well inside our vehicles to transport it safely to a designated location. We are responsible for it all the time, when equipment is in our vans. We also have to be ready to move it to a different location, whenever we are asked to do it. This means our drivers usually stay at the movie location for the time, when equipment is there. On one hand, waiting can be a challenging part of their job. On the other hand, they can visit beautiful places and meet interesting people. So, participating in a movie production, can be also a rewarding experience for them.

For Vezahra as a company, offering transportation services for a movie production, is also rewarding. We have opportunity to present our skills and hardworking attitude. We can also get some new business connections and maybe get some contracts in future. Our business is developing and getting new customers.

Transportation for a movie production is a part of our Events Support Services. Within these services Vezahra is also ready to offer help with transportation for any other event. We can transport your specialised equipment, goods or people. For anyone, who would like to use our services, please read about our Events Support, and view photos from our jobs on our Instagram Page.

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