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Vezahra | Removals & Storage is online!

Vezahra is online with a new name, new logo and new website. Our previous name was Nomad Removals Limited. The new logo was created by Dorota Stefan. However, this is not the end of the changes. Some improvements are still in progress and some other we are planning to implement in the nearest and further time. We also want to do some investments in our company. Of course, we are going to keep you informed about all important changes!

More about Vezahra

If you would like to know more about our company, please go to page About Us. To read about our services, visit Home Removals, Business Relocation or Events Support. If you want to contact us our Homepage will direct you, how to do it!

More about our Blog

We are also starting to work more on our Blog. This is one part of our improvements. We would like to write more frequently and include more different topics in it. These topics will include:

  • relocation process for Home, Business or Events. We would like to explain the way we work. We would also like to describe all tasks we perform. Other posts that we are going to write in this section will be useful tips and important information. We may also mention some topics in relation to a relevant law.
  • news and other information about Vezahra. In this section we will write about all important changes in the company, job offers, staff events and any offers and discounts for clients.
  • property subject – this can be anything connected to searching for a property, buying and renting a property. We are also planning to include here some housing law topics or even interesting home and office design ideas.
  • the last section of our Blog is going to be connected to the UK and especially London area. We would like to present here the best locations to live and work. We will include relevant facilities and features that may be important for different kind of clients.

In our Blog we would like to have a variety of topics, that will make it useful and interesting for potential readers. We would also like to know your opinion about our blog. This will help us to improve the content and quality of writing. So, please, don’t hesitate to leave your comments!

Our improvements – for our clients!

Our aim is to offer you the best possible services, but not just transportation services, also informational and guidance. All changes should lead to this! That’s why we implement them. That’s why the company is changing. Vezahra is online and we have just started this process!

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